बिहीबार, १० फागुन २०८०
बिहीबार, १० फागुन २०८०

A helping hand for life not for publicity: Rajesh

दैनिक नेपाल २०७८ भदौ २३ गते ११:५१

Kathmandu, 8 September. Nowadays, in this in this ultramodern era of development, it is felt that the heart of the people is without humanity.

Nowadays, it’s a matter of depressive condition that, even human value, beliefs, love and brotherhood are being compared with goods and money.

Life is directed and governed by self-compulsion and individual vested interest. Service should be an individual choice of interest as business and trade is. Otherwise, a person cannot rest with honesty, due to his own needs and compulsion. In spite of this, a person tries hard to achieve success by any means.

There are still many people who are looking for hands with pious heart and helpful hands, as nobody has a desire to be pity and seek help from others.

Maybe, it’s a game of fate or otherwise, but certainly, it is a pious job in a truest sense to help such
people who need help indeed.

Rising to become a helping hand for hundreds and emphasizing the humanity above all, serving people with disability, poverty and hunger, Mr. Rajesh Bhattarai, a resident of Kathmandu is doing a praiseworthy job.

Rajesh took a complete U turn and diverted his life in serving people after Corona has brought devastated change in social, economic and humanity of human society.

It is true that Mr. Rajesh was also adversely affected by Corona, despite this fact, he devoted himself completely in serving people with need, and since then he has been engaged to save lives of people.

He started this noble cause to help people around in his home town by collecting financial help to feed, medicate and serve people with disabilities, starvation and poverty.

Rajesh started this initiation from his own locality. Not only to this extent, he performed the role, helped and motivate the people to raise themselves against the addictions.

He added with a gentle smile reflecting ecstasy and satisfaction, of being in a long run to bring a complete transformation of society, it has been witnessed by many that several social activities and performance initiated by Rajesh has an impact to the highest for many.

Rajesh, a figure with butter heart and helpful mind has established with his proven efforts in transformation lives of thousands and transform himself as a devotee to society and on the same journey even being much stronger after second time lock down.

Now Rajesh has become a synonym for help and service without limit, round the clock. He further adds, Corona has not been brought to end and even the lockdown period has come to end, but problems created by Corona are still with us, which can be seen by the increment in starvation due to unemployment.

Although, he as an individual has helped more than 600 people and their lives alone in Kathmandu, in spite of this, Mr. Rajesh does not want to appear in the lime light and neither has interest in it.

According to Rajesh, if anyone stresses on the contribution given to the society to have fame and name, such person cannot be true devotee to society and true social server at any cost.

He does not have nay kind of vested interest in serving people, it’s only for his satisfaction and for the society. He mentions that, man dies with empty hand, make other happy for oneself to become happy.

He further add, to serve others become my religion and will be continued for his lifetime.