सोमबार, २ भदौ २०७६
सोमबार, २ भदौ २०७६

Viral fever outbreak panics people

दैनिक नेपाल २०७५ चैत १३ गते ९:०७

Dadeldhura, March 27 (RSS): Viral fever has broken out in Dadeldhura with recent weather variation.
The health facilities of Dadeldhura are seen with flow of patients of fever, common cold and Pneumonia following changes in weather since few days back.
Daily over 150 patients are approaching Dadeldhura hospital these days, the hospital sources said.
Among the most suffered are children with fever. Almost 50 children suffering from fever and common cold are being treated at the hospital, shared Dr Lalit Suri of Dadeldhura Hospital.
The epidemic of communicable and viral diseases has panicked people here in the advent of the hot season.
According to employees at health facilities in rural area, score of viral patients visiting the health posts and centres has gone up of late.