आइतबार, १ भदौ २०७६
आइतबार, १ भदौ २०७६

Proposal of public importance on citizenship

दैनिक नेपाल २०७५ मंसिर १८ गते ६:१९

Dhanusa, Dec 4 (RSS): The meeting today of the provincial assembly of Province no. 2 passed a resolution of public importance, accusing the federal government of stopping distribution of citizenship by birth.
The resolution was passed with the objective of exerting pressure on the federal government to amend the related citizenship act soon. In the 45th meeting of the Assembly, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Gyanendra Yadav tabled the proposal which was endorsed unanimously.
It may be noted that the provincial government had written to all the Chief District Officers in the eight districts to start issuing citizenship based on birth. But it did not receive any positive response from the CDOs, thereby leading to a communication about the same to the Federal Home Ministry.
Minister Yadav on the occasion warned of filing a case at the Supreme Court if the federal government did not amend the citizenship act.