आइतबार, १ मंसिर २०७६
आइतबार, १ मंसिर २०७६

Facebook and Jharana

दैनिक नेपाल २०७१ चैत १७ गते २१:५८


– Anuz Thapa / DainikNepal 

New York

“If at any point of time, you are interviewed by someone for your good deeds, tell him that I have given you your name. I will be very delighted to see this happen – my principal used to tell me when I was in seventh grade.” Twenty nine years old Ang Maya Sherpa aka Jharana Sherpa said with a smile.

Jharana has been very popular in New York, USA for the last 5 months. The reason for her growing fame is social networking site Facebook. Not because of controversial pictures, status or comments. Just an ordinary lady, and she has more than 2500 followers and the number is always on rise. This is because more and more people have started joining her Facebook-campaign.

Jharana has been using this social platform to collect the funds and support for the needy in her country Nepal. She works 5 days a week, and spends days off in her Facebook-social campaign.


Story behind

Jharana has been here in the USA for the last 2 years. She said that she inherited her helpful nature from her mother. She recalls her mother saying – ‘Helping others is our religion.’

Jharana has been trying to help people in need in whatever way she can. And right now she is expanding her helpful nature through her innovative concept on Facebook. Last year in 2014, during the time of Dashain (festival of Nepal) in September, she used her Facebook for the first time for any social cause. She uploaded a Facebook video saying she wanted some help for the children and senior citizens residing in Conflict Victim and Disable Society-Nepal, CVDS Nepal.  (Watch the video http://on.fb.me/1B33cJP) CVDS Nepal is a non profit organization working for differently abled children and senior citizen.

When she started, she didn’t have any clue how this would work and how she would collect money. A friend of hers set up a Paypal ID which helped her to collect funds directly into her bank account in the USA. She managed to collect 1550 dollars (155000 Nepali Rupees) for her first cause. She sent gifts to all of the 21 members residing at the CVDS Nepal. “I cannot explain how I felt when I saw smile on their faces after receiving the gifts,” beamed Jharana.

The success of this initiative motivated her to carry on. Then she continued raising money from people all across to support the needy individuals living in different places in Nepal. These initiatives have helped lots of people in her country.

Five thousand dollars to clear the medical bills of a girl, sending clothes for an indigenous Chepang community are just two examples from the number of supporting campaigns she has conducted successfully. Personally she has been supporting an elderly woman of 102 years old, living in Chandranigahapur Municipality of Rautahat district.

Family’s Concern

Born in Dhangadhi in Kailali and brought up in Bauddha, Kathmandu, Jharana is the third child in her family.

Her mother Yangji Sherpa is not quite happy with what she is doing. “She doesn’t like me raising funds through Facebook. She is worried that people might just blame me for nothing when money is involved. “My mother wants me to help others personally but not by raising funds “.


Transparency in her Campaign

To get money out of somebody’s pocket is a very difficult task. But in Jharana’s case, people are willing to do it. The reason behind is the transparency in her campaigns.

She regularly updates the plus and minus of the money received and donated, on her Facebook wall. She gives the details, from when and who gave the money to when and who is receiving it. This has made her works credible.

It is worth mentioning that she never uses any of the money raised in the administrative expenses that occur during her campaigns.  For instance, the transfer cost involved in sending money to Nepal, or the commute expenses when she has to run errands to meet the people willing to donate, or the lunch and coffee they take in during these meets, these would be her personal expenses and never a penny would be taken off from the donation. “Sometimes I also have to give money to those who are volunteering from Nepal. If I start calculating all those expenses, I will not deserve to be a social worker.”

Who to help?

Jharana follows news and stories on online media. This helps her decide who to help and why to help in Nepal. Sometimes her friends suggest her of someone in immediate need. Then she does her research on the particular person and thereafter makes the decision.

She sometimes gets distressed with the people who take help for granted. “I have come across people who have the misconception that it’s easy to earn money abroad. After getting help and support, they sometimes even have no courtesy to thank the supporters,” she uttered. “They don’t realize how difficult it is to make a living here”, she added.


Her name Jharana is a quite uncommon name for somebody in Sherpa community of Nepal. When she was studying in grade seven, her principal lost his daughter. In memory of his deceased daughter, he renamed Ang Maya as Jharana. She has now started becoming a familiar name in the Nepalese community. “My principal should be feeling proud of what I am doing”, she wonders.

She wants to continue her further studies here and be economically strong as well. She has a plan to establish a huge amount of charity fund. Jharana mentioned, “I dream of establishing that fund so that lots of people can benefit from it.”
Pics: Dipika Shrestha ([email protected] )

Full video interview can be viewed here.