शनिबार, ३० कार्तिक २०७६
शनिबार, ३० कार्तिक २०७६

An Open Letter to President Yadav

दैनिक नेपाल २०७१ कार्तिक २९ गते १४:४६


Dear Excellency,

I am not an animal right activist with a vegan diet nor am I an extremist of any religion ( which many might suggest buddhism, given my surname). I am simply a fellow Nepali, a fellow human being who feels. A human being, who can’t ignore the excruciating feeling in my chest whenever i hear “Gadhimai” and the mirthful word “festival” attached to it.

I do not understand how anybody with a heart can stand the murder of thousands of animals while the innocents die an agonizing death unimaginable to the human subconscious. I am not one of those people who say shit about the government to pass their lazy Saturday evenings because i respect you, and what you do for the country. I do believe that when one is capable enough to be chosen by the country to lead them, the country needs to trust their instincts. But that does not mean i fear you and have put you in any higher pedestal than any other human being. And as a human being, I expect you to feel, feel the things that we all do. Compassion, love, pain and the prick in the lower part of your heart when you know how fast the “festival” is approaching. It’s already the first of November which means we have only 27days to go.

This email might pass up as any other trash mails that you receive, you might not even reach till this part of the mail. But if you have, please bear with me. I do not want to give you statistics of the previous festival and explain how the government funded it because I want to believe that government officials know it and feel haunted by remorse just like we do.

I have signed every petition that I could find, that organizations all over the world has arranged to stop this festival. I understand that you have so many other important things to tend do, and i cannot imagine the burden that you must feel. What I do not understand is why these petitions haven’t received any response or why when I look at the morning newspapers, there is no mention of the festival and how its taking so many lives and how it’s so near. 27 DAYS. I do not want the festival to be over without anyone knowing the CRIME that people are committing and for people to say, “Ooops. its over. 20000 water buffalos are dead. no big deal”.

If you have looked at the pictures of the festival at all, if you have even heard about it, you must have felt something that resembles pain. PLEASE STOP THIS horrible horrible festival that has changed the course of religion so negatively. Hinduism is a wonderful religion that respects animals like cows and birds and disciplines a person through it’s beautiful doctrines. I refuse to believe that this same wonderful religion supports the torturous mass killings of buffaloes, goats, pigs, ducks and I know that it is only the fake belief of people that religion can justify murder.

Please do SOMETHING to stop this. I want to hold on to the belief that the government still hears pleas, desperate pleas. And i know there are thousands of other people who have trust in you. Please help us believe you.


Chhime Namdol Sherpa
Rato Bangala School